Together, we can change lives!

We invite you to invest in our community’s future and provide students with the financial assistance they need to achieve their dreams.

  • By raising the education level of our community, it is possible to alleviate many of the social and economic issues faced by our residents. Higher education opens doors to job opportunities and skills that enable individuals to provide better financial support for their families, focus on making better health and welfare decisions, recognize and leave dangerous situations, and, eventually, give back to the community that supports them.

  • Increasing costs threaten opportunities for students to obtain a college education. Family and financial difficulties are hard to overcome unless you work full time while going to school. Research shows that it can take a community college student seven years to complete an Associate in Arts or Science degree because so many things get in the way.

  • Each year, more students take out loans, burdening them with more debt. Long term debt makes it difficult for Americans to reach their dreams and restricts economic growth. Research shows that people with student loans are less likely to buy homes or become entrepreneurs.

  • In addition to full tuition and fee scholarships to Bevill State Community College - Walker College Campus, Walker College Foundation also provides a limited number of transfer scholarships for graduating scholars who want to transfer to a four-year college or university. That’s why Walker College Foundation is turning to individuals, corporations and foundations for help in making a college education affordable to all students. You can make a difference!

Establishing a Scholarship

If you're interested in creating a lasting legacy, consider establishing an Endowed or Annual Scholarship Fund through Walker College Foundation.